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Downsizing Your Home: Changes You Need to Make as You Age

Most seniors are aware that there will come the day when they need to downsize to simplify their lifestyles, cut costs, address medical requirements, or become closer to grandkids. They’ll need fewer furniture, a generally smaller house, and more accessible places to make it easier to navigate the property, live safely — and comfortably. Nursing

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Making Your Home Safe for Visually Impaired Family Members

In this technological era we live in, where everything seems to be done easily just by looking and swiping on our radiation-emitting devices, it is no surprise that a lot of people may be experiencing computer vision syndrome (CVS)—a condition that is caused by prolonged exposure to digital screens. Experiencing eye strain is truly inevitable at these

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Top to Bottom Waterproofing: Where Do You Need It in Your Home?

Dampness and water can take a toll on your home, leading most homeowners to deal with steep repair costs. Unlike fire, which rarely happens, water damage builds up over time. Luckily, there are quick and easy fixes in waterproofing your home. Here’s how you can waterproof your home—from top to bottom. Roof The roof is

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Environmental Consquences of Using Road Salts During Winter

People have been using road salt in order to melt and provide traction on their walkways during winter for so long that no one questions whether it is actually good for the environment or maybe it is contributing to the destruction of the planet. More people are now hoping to switch to eco-friendly habits in


A Different Winter: Staying Safe and Healthy This Year

This winter season turned out to be an unprecedented one for everyone. In the past, people stayed indoors because it’s cold outside. Some turned up the thermostat while others — the luckier ones — stoked the fireplace to stay warmer. This time, people are staying indoors for two reasons — to escape the cold and

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Concealing Your HVAC System in Your Garden

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are important parts of the home, especially those situated in temperate climates. Throughout much of the year, temperatures will fluctuate depending on the season. That said, HVAC systems are an excellent way of maintaining a stable temperature while keeping living spaces comfortable with the right amount of humidity. However, HVAC

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How to Create Your Very Herb Garden on Your Rooftop

Have you ever gotten sick of keeping up with the hectic and tiring urban lifestyle? Then making your own oasis in the middle of a dull urban setting might be the solution for you. Urban rooftop gardening has increased in popularity as the trends are geared toward sustainability and organic lifestyles. You can see pleasant

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How to Avoid and Relieve Body Pain While Working at Home

Despite the added comfort of working from home, body pain is still a common woe for remote workers. You’re still essentially stuck in a chair for most of the day, even if that chair is in your home office. And as you’re probably already familiar with, sitting for hours upon a time can take a

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