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person with amputated leg

Life After the Storm: How to Cope with a Partial Disability

If there’s only one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that nothing is certain. Your whole life can change in a split second, and all you can do is to adapt to your circumstances. That’s what happens when you suffer through an accident or medical condition that leaves you with a partial disability. Of course,


Medical Advances That Help You and Your Family

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” – Michael J. Fox With his simple observation, Michael J. Fox summed up what our families mean to us. Families are everything, which means that family health is one of the most important societal factors the world over. The health of those who are near and dear

oral hygiene

Understanding the Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

They have been referred to as the pearly whites, a grill, chompers, choppers, fangs, and even masticating mandibles. They can indicate emotions, (smiling).  They can indicate a level of acquired knowledge and a person’s age (wisdom teeth). They help shape our face, they help us communicate, chew and digest food. Our teeth and gums by

The Latest Developments in Medical Science

Medical science has come a long way since the revelation of the stethoscope, with more technologies becoming accessible to everyone, driving change in the healthcare industry. The best part is, the associated technology is improving quicker than ever before. Here are the latest medical science developments to look forward to in 2021: Ever-improving Wearables with a

wedding concept

Planning on Your Own: Learning the Basics of Wedding Preparation

No two couples are the same and the amount of adequate time needed to prepare for a wedding is different for everyone. However, expert event organizers usually put in at least 12 to18 months to properly prepare for a wedding. If you are one of the couples who decided to tie the knot without professional

wedding reception

Serving Healthy and Tasty Food to Your Wedding Guests

If you want to have a healthy food spread at your wedding, then what’s stopping you? Those comments from your wedding guests that the food should be about what makes them happy is plain wrong. If your wedding guests truly care about you as a couple, they will be happy to be there no matter


Do You Still Struggle to Sleep?

Do you struggle to sleep? Then you’re not alone. One study shows that as many as 75 percent of Brits don’t get enough of it. The problem is, you know this all along, and you’ve done almost all the tricks in the books to summon Mr. Sandman—to no avail. You invested in blackout curtains, talked

happy family

Parents Need To Understand The Importance Of Family Health & Wellness

We all love our families, and even when we go through many ups and downs together, we always find the compassion to forgive each other and heal from our wounds to become stronger and strengthen our bond. It’s just how family works, and we are always there for each other through thick and thin; during

family sitting on a couch

Four Ways to Support Your Family’s Mental Wellness

Parents are typically more focused on improving their physical health, believing that this is the only important thing to keep their families intact. But is it? Definitely not. Mental wellness is often left out because its impact or elements associated with it are not literally visible. When in fact, our mental health affects how we

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