It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver

Mahatma Gandhi

Avoid Work-Related MSDs By Staying Fit And Healthy

Your health is your primary concern and responsibility. It dictates the quality of your life, your enjoyment, as well as your productivity at work. The healthier and more able your body is, the more that you can do in life. People do many things to ensure that their health is in good shape. They eat

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Can You Be Allergic to the COVID-19 Vaccine?

After enduring almost a year of staying at home, there is no doubt that all of us want to get the COVID-9 shot. But with the vaccine roll-out came a slew of questions — what brand of vaccine should we get? Is it safe? What if we’re allergic? Vaccine allergies aren’t anything new. But they

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Top Medical Technologies Experts Predict to Take Over 2021

As technologies continue to drive the pace of progress in the medical field, the traditional line between medical sciences and technological engineering is now growing narrower—introducing medical technologies that are faster, better, and smarter. These advancements have made it easier for doctors to provide quality and efficient healthcare for their patients. Plus, revolutionary ‘wearables’ are

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How Delivery Services Supported People’s Health in the Pandemic

It has been more than a year since we have discovered the coronavirus. Nothing has been the same ever since. Thousands of people have been infected by the virus, and we are now facing a global pandemic. COVID-19 is an entirely new virus. It attacks people’s respiratory system; symptoms include dry cough, fever, and difficulty

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A Guide to Pandemic Self-grooming

The pandemic’s prolonged isolation period has upset many of us. One thing that we might have been neglecting that can help uplift us is our grooming routines. Grooming is good for both our physical and mental well-being. It is tied to proper hygiene, which helps us to keep harmful germs away from our bodies. Having

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Health and Environment Risks of Plastics: Why Alternatives Matter

People have been widely informed about the disadvantages of using plastics. Plastics can be harmful to people’s health and the environment. Plastics are known to create safety problems during their production, and the fact that they take too long to decompose and leave the environment is another reason they are deemed toxic. As a result,

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Simple Tips for a Zero-waste Lifestyle

Are you concerned about the volume of trash you send to landfills daily? Has your household waste been piling up since you started working from home and staying for longer? Are you considering to transition to a zero-waste lifestyle but don’t know where to start? If so, then you’re doing a great thing. However, if

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Making Sure You Get Enough Vitamin D in Winter

Spending a bit of time outdoors often gets you a good dose of Vitamin D. Then came the enforced lockdowns and wintertime that made it a struggle to see to it that you get the sun exposure you need. A lack of vitamin D makes your bones and muscles weak, so it’s important to know

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Debunking Myths About Loneliness

A person’s ability to understand their emotions contribute to their general wellness. For example, anxiety or depression leads to an increase in blood pressure. Thus, aside from taking care of one’s body, it is also vital to manage one’s emotions well. Handling one’s emotions means understanding them. Most people are terrified to admit being lonely.

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