It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver

Mahatma Gandhi


applying remedy in pimple

Understanding Acne and Pimples: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

If you grew up with acne or are still dealing with it in adulthood, you’d know how much discomfort pimple breakouts cause and how healing the skin can be painstaking. But while you are coping with pimples now, know that you can prevent the formation of new ones, arresting the cycle of more breakouts. Pimples


Does Orthodontic Surgery Take Away Your Natural Beauty?

In the South Korean reality TV show Let Me In, guests virtually take the viewers with them to undergo plastic surgery. One of the most common procedures is jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, orthodontic surgery, or surgical orthodontics. It’s an invasive process that reconstructs the jaw to make them even. The resulting look is

washing hands with soap

Let’s Talk about Hygiene in America

In 2007, the National Public Radio reported that not all Americans value cleanliness. Based on reports, just 66 percent of males remember to wash their hands when necessary; women did better at 88 percent. However, in 2013, The New York Times reported the contrary. It states that Americans might be too obsessed with hygiene; this obsession is

dental appliances

Questions about invisible aligners answered

Are you unsure if invisible aligners are suitable for you, to realign your teeth? Here, common online queries relating to invisible aligners are answered, so read on to learn more! How do you clean invisible aligners? Invisible aligners like Invisalign W1 are fairly straightforward to clean; simply rinse them under a cold tap twice daily

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a person driving a car

A Change of Scenery: Going on a Road Trip the Right Way

You have your road playlist and an itinerary in mind. Your tents are packed, and your kids cannot wait to get going. Maybe you’re traveling with friends, and this is the first time you’re getting to spend so much time with them since the pandemic started. Your highest priority is to make this the most

climate change

Planet in Crisis: 5 Environmental Problems We Keep Ignoring

We keep on hearing the same thing repeatedly throughout the years: the earth might not last long. If we do not take action now, it might be too late. Our efforts will ripple around the globe as we change what we consume, how we create energy, and how we dispose of our waste. But we

senior care facility

6 Reasons to Be Happy About Moving into a Senior Facility

Many people see senior care facilities as dreary and depressing; merely places that people go to die and where families dump their elderly loved ones. However, this is a misconception that no longer holds true for many senior care facilities today. In fact, many seniors are better off in a senior care facility than at

cleaning mattress

Cleaning Your House? You Might Be Forgetting an Area

Every homeowner understands how difficult it is to clean their homes. Many do a cursory cleaning of obvious areas and surfaces, leaving the unseen ones for later. But doing this can cause dirt to accumulate. Let’s take a look at the most common areas that are frequently overlooked when cleaning. Clean Your Mattresses Mattresses should

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