It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver

Mahatma Gandhi
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Fitness and the Pandemic: Why You Should Exercise at this TIme

Ever since the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders have been implemented, people were forced to spend more time at home so that they will not end up contracting the COVID-19 virus. As a result, many people were forced to spend their days just lounging around in their houses and doing nothing. A lot of people have developed

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Skin Problems 101: Clearing and Treating Severe Acne

It is not strange to encounter severe acne problems. More than 80% of the population has it. People not having acne problems are even rarer. The problem with acne is that they affect the confidence and self-esteem of the person. It changes the way that people look, as well as the way they see themselves.


The Reasons and Impact of Becoming a Surrogate Parent

Giving new life into the world is one of the biggest achievements that a woman can have. However, not everyone has the capacity to do so. Some women experience infertility due to various reasons. This is why turning to surrogacy becomes one of their options. But, many risks come with this method. So, if you

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Use Logic to Combat False Assumptions in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing stands out as a skill that’s especially vital to first-time entrepreneurs in today’s world. And with a plethora of information and tips to be found online, it’s tempting to wing it and go the DIY route in this aspect of running your business. You can certainly learn a lot about connecting with a

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Why Gathering Client Information Is Essential to Business Success

Performing thorough research and data gathering is essential, especially if you want to achieve business success. Without collecting necessary information, your company will be obliged to continue guessing the right tactics to use for your business. Even before launching your brand, you must perform some research to increase your chances of achieving success. If you

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Water Matters: Reasons the Global Water Crisis Exists and Its Dire Consequences

Clean water is essential to life. It is needed for survival. People drink water. And it’s also used for many other things to live a healthy life. Some examples include maintaining proper hygiene, food preparation, cleaning, and other domestic tasks. But despite the major developments in society, one problem that is still left unsolved is

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Health and Environment Risks of Plastics: Why Alternatives Matter

People have been widely informed about the disadvantages of using plastics. Plastics can be harmful to people’s health and the environment. Plastics are known to create safety problems during their production, and the fact that they take too long to decompose and leave the environment is another reason they are deemed toxic. As a result,

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Simple Tips for a Zero-waste Lifestyle

Are you concerned about the volume of trash you send to landfills daily? Has your household waste been piling up since you started working from home and staying for longer? Are you considering to transition to a zero-waste lifestyle but don’t know where to start? If so, then you’re doing a great thing. However, if

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Spring Gutter Cleaning Is A Must. Here’s Why.

Owning a home is a right and privilege that every citizen should enjoy. But along with this right and privilege comes the responsibility of taking good care of the property. To whom much is given, much is required. And one of the responsibilities that every homeowner knows but dreads is cleaning out the gutter. It

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