Holiday Chocolate-It’s Good Medicine!

Feeling guilty about sneaking some chocolate treats this holiday season? The latest data may assuage your guilt while you address that chocolate craving, for women at least. A recent Swedish study examined over 33,000 women age 49 to 83[i]. The study followed the women, none of whom had any existing stroke, heart disease, cancer or diabetes from 1997 onwards. For each 50g consumed (1.8 ounces) the stroke rate approximately 14%. During this time period, 90% of the chocolate consumed in Sweden was milk chocolate, with about 30% cocoa solids. The benefit was only seen in the quartile of women with the highest chocolate consumption, 66.5grams/week. As the study authors note, this study is in concordance with
previous studies that note an “inverse association between chocolate consumption and total stroke.” So this holiday season, relax and enjoy those chocolate treats a little more guilt free!

[i] (Larsson, Virtamo, & Wolk, 2011)