Get Skoold

Get ready for some exciting news. Doc is going to take you to school. Over the next 12 weeks we will be introducing and highlighting our Grassroots Gourmet concept. It’s the same important message and philosophy you’ve found on this site but in a whole new way. We’re going to offer a series of short, instructional videos. The first six will teach some basic culinary methods to become familiar in the kitchen. The second six focuses in on the how and why of product and preparation choices.

Join me on for the What's Cooking with Doc: Code Delicious series

Oh, and it is completely free-not like a lot of total kuk being offered by self proclaimed experts.

Many of you will already be familair with some of the video content. I hope you will enjoy it as a pleasant refresher and encourage those of your friends and family who suffer from kitchen nightmares to watch, learn and most inportantly have fun in the kitchen. Food, ultimately, should be about joy-not angst.

I’ll be posting the  link here so check back and encourage your friends to join us for a Code Delicious-A program to revive DND (Damn Near Dead) taste buds!