Man Eating Crocodile

Man eating crocodile


Another day, another exotic feast. Today we traveled to City Grill on the V&A Waterfornt. We had some traditional South African barbeque, or braai. Among the items were kudu, ostrich, warthog and crocodile. All were fantastic. The kudu, which I have had several times now (all prepared magnificently) resembles a  delicious venison or elk. The ostrich, amazingly, was very beef-like. The warthog was not near as gamey as I expected, and milder than wild boar I have had. Unlike Bourdain, I stayed away from the rectum. I saw that special. The crocodile was very much like alligator I have had  in the US, no surprise there. The traditional braai sauce was very subtle. It imparted some delicious background notes yet allowed the distinctiveness of each grilled item to shine through. There was a venison sausage which was most remarkable for it’s distinctive melody of spices. It was unlike any sausage sampled  in the US or Europe, the spices tasted vaguely of  India. We also tried the South African beef. This was amazing. The filet was reminiscent of true Kobe, not just Wagyu raised somewhere else, but true Kobe. It was fork-cutting tender, buttery melt in your mouth. I have not seen a chance to get this beef in the US, so if you get a chance to try this somewhere…just do it. We washed all this  carnivore carnival down with an Asara Cape Fusion 2005 from Stellenbosch ( ). There was a hint of coffee in the  background with cherry tones forefront and secondary strawberry jam/currents in the chorus.  The fusion is a Pinotage forward blend, with Cab, Merlot and Shiraz  in smaller concentrations. 

South African Beef Filet


Kudu, ostrich, warthog and crocodile braai


Asara Cape Fusion (real fusion winemaking at its delectable best)