The San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition:A Code Delicious™ in the Making

(This post is to help get Doc to the competition and report back to you. Please leave your comments and support the effort.

-Thanks, Doc)

A competition can be a dangerous place. The San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition takes place with regional contests February 2nd in Las Vegas and March 7th in Napa. Students from around the world compete to showcase their skills in front of respected chefs, culinary experts and media. They will be showing their technical skills and recipe wizardry. All in all, a recipe for disaster.


First, there is the competition. Hundreds of competitors desperate for victory; there will be more jostling for position than the New York City Marathon. Flames and knives and pressure makes for more crash and burn than the last NASCAR lap at Talladega. Everyone will bring their “A game”.

The result?

There will be ubiquitous uncontrolled lusciousness. Golden brown and delicious taste bombs will be hidden everywhere. The delectable aromas will sweep across the struggle like dust from the poppy fields of Oz. It will make the Superbowl look like a chess match.

It is a culinary episode of 24. And we need Chef Jack Bauer, but he is in reruns. That’s where Doc comes in. As a physician and chef he is uniquely qualified to report to you the gastronomic goings-on via blog, facebook, twitter and video report. But the real danger lurks in the form of a Code Delicious. The symptoms of a Code Delicious include:

  • uncontrollable drooling around starters, mains and desserts
  • inability to move with an overstuffed gullet
  • complete immobilization when trying to choose between fare
  • the loss of consciousness following the ingestion of toxic amounts of tasty bits and wine

Who better qualified to deal with a certified Code Delicious™ situation than Doc? He is there to perform advanced CPR (Culinary Person Resuscitation); the only known treatment for such a true medical emergency. This competition needs Doc. Doc needs the competition. Leave your comments in support (for the Foodbuzz editors to see) and help send Doc to the competition. It beats rehab.