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Eating Well, Living Better: The Grassroots Gourmet Guide to Good Health and Great Food.


Eating Well, Living Better by Dr. Mike

Fenster, Michael S. (Author)

Jun 2012. 336 p. Rowman & Littlefield, paperback, $18.95. (9781442213401). 613.2.

Unarguably an overachiever, Fenster has earned a medical degree, a culinary degree, and an MBA, and he is a martial-arts adept. He deplores the way too many Americans have fallen victim to fast food’s siren song, which offers mere satiety without sound nutritional values. The cardiologist in Fenster hates fast food’s bodily damage, the chef loathes the mediocre flavors and textures, the businessman frets over worker exploitation, and the martial artist laments the lack of exercise that often accompanies the fast-food approach to human sustenance. He presents a wide-ranging survey of contemporary nutritional and physiological research to support his program of Buddhist-inspired moderation, cautioning about dangerous excess in either extreme. Inventorying both ingredients and kitchen equipment, Fenster advises consuming freshly prepared foods and reasonable alcohol consumption, suggesting how to achieve balance without undue stress. Recipes, complete with nutrition analyses, cover a host of basic dishes and reflect sundry ethnic origins.